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A safe place for women in need to come, and those who want to help this noble cause.


Most people know me as a singer, song writer and mother, but now people need to know my real calling. I'm an advocate for abused, neglected and homeless women. You see, after suffering many long years of physical and mental abuse, I'm finally free of my tormentor. Thankfully, my physical injuries have healed and my mental torture is contained, but my journey down this difficult path has just begun. My children and I know all too well, how hopeless and helpless that life can feel, so as long as there are women living in jeopardy, my destiny is to be their voice … and champion.


My foundation is a grassroots platform that brings women AND men together to eradicate this immoral blight. Make no mistake … we fully understand how immense the problem is, and how daunting our mission is. Our first gauntlet is accruing the financial resources, as we continue to build the appropriate infrastructure. With that in place, our process will be based on immediate action. When a woman is in trouble, she needs help ... NOW. A call, text or email will dispatch a driver to pick her up and transport her to a safe location. Once she has had time to gather her thoughts, our mission is to restore her inner strength, then provide a path for a brighter future.

Bottom line, we intend to provide an escape from abuse or homelessness. We feel that trouble does NOT define a distressed woman, and we cannot afford to ignore her any longer. As a society, we must never forget … EVERY woman is someone's daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother or aunt. We all know someone like her, and we know she deserves help without judgments.


Donations are urgently needed, so please remember … even a single dollar will make a difference.
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In addition to donations, volunteers and full time employees are needed NOW! Survivors of abuse or homelessness are encouraged to reach out to us immediately.

My new ‘Endless Love’ campaign provides much needed hope AND support, while we build awareness. Much like the exemplary Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, we need everyone to join us in this campaign. With your help, we can be that much needed lifeline.

On average, 9600 women
per day are assaulted.
That’s one every 9 seconds!

The Need for Safe Housing

In just one day in 2015, over 31,500 adults and children fleeing domestic violence found refuge in a domestic violence emergency shelter or transitional housing program.

That same day, domestic violence programs were unable to meet over 12,197 requests for services because of a lack of funding, staffing, or other resources.

Sixty-three percent (7,728) of unmet requests were for housing. Emergency shelter and transitional housing continue to be the most urgent unmet needs for domestic violence survivors.

Source: National Network to End Domestic Violence. (2016). Domestic Violence Counts 2015-A 24-hour census of domestic violence shelters and services. Washington, DC.

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If you are in need of help or would like to lend a helping hand please contact us. We are here for you.